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Diabetic Socks Tech Report

All socks are not created equally.
Have you ever wondered why diabetics need to look after their feet?
What are diabetics at risk of?
What do diabetic socks do to help diabetic feet?
All of these questions are answered in this 2 page report.Get your copy now.


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Kidsfit Sports Quick Tips & Video

Kidsfit sports by Ergonx has been approved for sale in
The Athletes Foot because of it’s key features:

– It is zero degree wedged, so it can’t over correct the foot
– It is a neutral position supportive insole, not a corrective insole
– It comes with a 30 day no hassles return policy
– It is only $29.95 rrp to allow good value for parents
– It has been sold in TAF stores for over 2 years with positive results

Try it in your store and get ready for a huge back to school with Ergonx.

Gait Analysis Training Tips & video

Gross Profit Cheat Sheet Download the PDF here