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This exam consists of 20 multiple choice exam questions. Good Luck.

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Questions - Answer

1. ____ is the brand name of Athlete's Foot premium orthotic innersoles  
2. ____ Soft & _____  are the two main products that help with foot performance  
3. There are ____ bones in the foot  
4. And it is the ____ or inside arch, ____ outside long arch & _____ side to side arch that typically need additional support from orthotics  
5. However it is often the _____ inclination angle that is often not correctly supported by many orthotics where wedging typically occurs and can lead to over correction.  
6. _____ is not necessarily bad and is a normal part of walking  
7. It is the _____ phase of the gait cycle that orthotics can have the most impact on supporting the foot  
8. The foot is abnormally pronating outside of ___ degree's on contact  
9. The correct ________ can dramatically effect the function of the foot  
10. However, Ultra Soft and Ultra both support the ____ inclination angle, are ___ degree wedged which means there is little to no chance of ____ correction in both _____ , supinated and neutral feet.  
11. We saw in the tests that using Ultra soft brought the patients foot from an abnormal position to a ______ position when inserted into the shoe.  
12. Even in extreme cases of pronation, the foot was brought back to a normal position without the risk of _____ correcting.  
13. Ergonx control ___________ and supination without over correcting the foot.  
14. Ergonx enhance the ________ features of the shoe  
15. Ergonx ______ the foot for instant comfort  
16. Ergonx support the _______ inclination angle  
17. Ergonx has an extended ______ arch support to support the foot and limit pronation all the way through until toe off.  
18. Ergonx has a _____ but soft heel for less slipping in shoes  
19. The cushioning positions on the Ergonx insoles are soft and long lasting because they are made from __________.  
20. Ergonx offers a ___ day return policy due to the success of the product in treating patients and also offering high degree of performance even when there are no specific problems  
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